How To: Create a dramatic and sexy neutral cat eye look

Create a dramatic and sexy neutral cat eye look

Neutral eyeshadows don't necessarily equal a boring, blah everyday look. In fact, neutral shadows in taupe, gold, and gray make fantastic backdrops for more dramatic eye embellishments like liquid liner and false lashes.

If you can't steer away from your beloved neutrals but still want an eye makeup look that rocks, check out this makeup tutorial. You'll learn step by step how to create a dramatic and sexy neutral cat eye.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
no name brand dark brown eyeliner
MAC Dipdown fluidliner
MAC rose gold pro pigment, only avail at pro stores.
OCC Dope loose color
LA Splash shadow sealer/base
Make Up For Ever 11 glitter
OCC matte brown, black, and cream shadows
Urban Decay ABC Gum eyeshadow
Urban Decay Perversion

Rouge studio Faye lashes

MAC Peachtwist blush
NARS Albatros blush/highlight
MAC reflects gold glitter

OCC Trick and Strutter liptars
Stila lipglaze minty mint

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