How To: Create a deep emerald green leaves-inspired makeup look

Create a deep emerald green leaves-inspired makeup look

Fall is now in full swing, which means that the vibrant, colorchanging leaves on all the trees in your neighborhood are taking center stage in the fall scenery. In lush hues of orange, red, sienna, and emerald green, leaves are the most colorful and multidimensional seasonal treats.

Get inspired by leaves the next time you put on makeup by checking out this video tutorial. You'll learn how to create a deep emerald green eye look with subtle golden shimmer.

Kajal Designer in "060 Green Amazon" by Catrice
Green, black and brown e/s from the 40 palette
Black Kajal by Maybelline
False Lashes by Essence

Terra Sun Bronzing Powder in "Light Brown 01" by Maxbelline

Lasting Finish Lipstick in "Nude Praline" by Rimmel London

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