How To: Create a deathly beautiful Medusa makeup look for Halloween

Create a deathly beautiful Medusa makeup look for Halloween

Wear this Medusa makeup look out on Halloween and guys will literally die in awe of your beauty. The infamous Greek monster Medusa was, after all, once a beautiful woman, and still quite beautiful even after she turned into a large snake with a headpiece of writing, slippery snakes.

Green skin, white eyeballs, and glittery eyeshadow paired with a classic red lip make this Medusa just as beguiling as menacing. To learn how to create the look check out this makeup tutorial.

Mehron Paradise Tropical Palette
Ben Nye eyeshadows in Chartreuse and Jade
Gold Cosmetic Grade Glitter
Ben Nye's Final Seal
Wet N' Wild Gel Liner in Black
Fantast Maker's Eyelashes in Midnight Magic
120 Palette Matte Black eyeshadow
Mac Eye Kohl in Feline
Mac Lipstick in Diva

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