How To: Create a cute Hello Kitty makeup look for Halloween

Create a cute Hello Kitty makeup look for Halloween

Halloween doesn't have to mean frightful garb and spooky makeup. Have yourself a pretty Halloween and send smiles to your friends' faces rather than shrieks of fear by dressing up as the iconic Hello Kitty.

A yellow button nose, her adorable teeny whiskers, and perky bright eyes make this Hello Kitty costume a cute alternative to the typical slutty or scary Halloween costumes.

Products used:
*Face previously applied
NYX Eyeshadow Base (White)
BH Cosmetic 120 Color Pallette (3rd Edition)
Sigma SS252 and 224
NYX B15 Smoke
CPC 252
Essence of Beauty Small Contouring Brush
Loreal Intense Liquid EyePencil
Red Cherry #117

Clothing and Accessories:
White Racer Tank (Papaya)
Pink Skirt (Forever21)
Bow headband (handmade)
Hello Kitty Rhinestone Necklace (Sanrio)
Hello Kitty Plush Doll (Sanrio)

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