How To: Create a "crocodile tears" makeup look

Create a "crocodile tears" makeup look

YOUTUBE Logan Salter presents a video demonstrating a method to create "Crocodile Tear" Makeup. The entire video is demonstrated through visual action, with typed titles in green appearing on the screen prior to each new step, and electronica music played throughout. Logan begins by applying moisturizer, demonstrated visually in the video by applying moisturizer to his facial area and moves at an increasingly faster rate through steps visually demonstrating how to apply various powders and brushes to specific areas of the face to create the desired effect. Studio Fix powder, is applied with a sponge directly to the apples of the cheeks followed quickly by the next step, "Pat it out to Blend" where Logan then demonstrates how to use a 168 contour brush to apply Format Blush and blend it to the jaw, temple area, as well as nose, and then how to blend all three areas of blush together to create an overall desired effect. After breaking for a beverage, Logan demonstrates how to create a thicker brow appearance, and highlight and shadow different areas of the face to create more dramatic impact. Final steps suggest methods of outlining and filling in tear tracks to create the effect of runny mascara lines and how to create a dark, smoldering eye liner. To create the final touch, Logan utilizes specialty brushes to draw and fill in Crocodile scales on the upper portion of his face, which trail down the temple area. If you follow the steps in this video, you can create the overall effect of a very modern and edgy makeup look.

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