How To: Create Cheryl Cole's sexy makeup look from "Promise This"

Create Cheryl Cole's sexy makeup look from "Promise This"

Cheryl Cole is a very pretty lady, so she could wear any makeup look - or none at all - and still look fabulous. The hostess/singer looks especially beautiful in her new music video for "Promise This," in which she rocks a hardcore rock'n'roll inspired look with smoked out black cat eyes, contoured cheeks, and a nude mouth.

TO learn how to create her tough chick makeup look, check out this makeup tutorial by Lauren Luke.

The products used
Bobbi Brown foundation 2.5
Loreal HIP duo eye shadow enchanted black
MAC eye kohl smoulder
Ardell whispies w/ MAC duo glue
Loreal Glam bronze blonde bronzer
Too faced totally nude lipstick
MAC lip gloss C thru
UNE brow pencil dark brown
Givenchy brow wax pencil

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