How To: Create a bronzed makeup look with winged cat eyes

Create a bronzed makeup look with winged cat eyes

If you're a pale sister who just can't seem to catch a tan this summer but desire a gorgeous, lit-from-within glow that looks like you've been catching waves at the beach all day, then watch this makeup tutorial.

You'll learn how to easily fake a tan as well as how to contour your face to make it appear slimmer. Then you'll learn how to line your eyes to create a sexy cat eye that elongates your peepers.

-Bitch Slap's Brunette Brow Quad
-MAC Fix+
-Bitch Slap's Foundation Primer
-Bitch Slap's Caramel Creme Foundation
-Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
-Bitch Slap's Alabaster Concealer
-Bitch Slap's Bronzed Bitch Quad
-MAC's Graphblack Tecknakohl Liner
-Wet & Wild Black Creme Liner
-Bitch Slap's Black Mascara
-Bitch Slap's 101 Lashes
-Bitch Slap's Zebra Bronzer
-Bitch Slap's Fairy Dust Mineral Shimmer Powder
-Bitch Slap's 14K Bitch Lipstick
-Bitch Slap's Clear Lipgloss

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