How To: Create a blue ocean eyeshadow look

Create a blue ocean eyeshadow look

This video demonstrates how to create an ocean inspired makeup look. Apply primer to the eyes, first, as a base. Darken the base with a dark neutral powder. Brush it on with a eye shadow brush. Add a little green eye shadow to the inner 1/3 of the upper lid. Use a violet blue eye shadow to fill in the rest of the lid. Add a lighter blue to the middle 2/3 of the eyelid. Add your neutral brow bone color to fill in the upper 1/3 of the eye. Brush a little blue eyeliner underneath the eye. Use your eyeliner to line your eyes. Use a shimmer eyeliner under the eye. Draw a liquid line, tracing the upper and lower lids. Make them "wing out" a bit at the edges. Add false eyelashes and mascara.

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