How To: Create a beautiful stonelike Medusa makeup look for Halloween

Create a beautiful stonelike Medusa makeup look for Halloween

Just because Greek monster and general bully Medusa had yucky snakes slithering out of her head doesn't mean a Halloween look based on her has to be disgusting and scaly. Bring out the beautiful side of the myth by creating this gorgeous stonelike Medusa look.

Instead of murky green used in most Medusa makeup looks, this look features celadon green and silver eyes, along with a swampy green cat eye dispersed over the temple area. Completely nude lips with just a tinge of unhuman green makes this look creepy but oh so pretty.


-Black Contact Lenses

-Sleek Original iDivine Pallet

-e.l.f Small Angled Brush

-e.l.f Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb

-Sleek Creme to Powder Foundation

-e.l.f Fan Brush

-e.l.f HD Powder

-e.l.f Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

-e.l.f "C' Shaped Brush

-Barry M Eye Crayon in no.1

-MUA Silver Glitter Liner

-Barry M Glitter Dust in Silver

-Barry M Green Dazzle Dust in Emerald

-Sleek Eye Dust in "Green With Envy"


-Sigma Fluffy Brush

-e-Bay False Lashes

-Royal Lash Glue

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