How To: Create a "barbed wire" makeup look

Create a "barbed wire" makeup look

First stipple moisturizer onto your face. Gently rub the lotion into your skin until completely absorbed. Next apply liquid foundation, preferably Mac Studio Fix Fluid (four shades lighter then your skin's natural tint. Shake and dabble your foundation onto a clean surface, using a #187 foundation brush to apply to your face carefully blending into your skin. Now that you've created an even canvas to your face, you're ready to apply a clown white oil based face paint for accent. Apply the white to the brow of your forehead, the ridge of the nose, the top of your cheekbones, chin and bone of the jawline. Also apply this white to the ridges of the throat, the clavicle bones, and the sternum. The next dramatic step is to add contours. Use nw55 Studio Tech Black Foundation to emphasize the hollows of your cheeks and to the surface beneath your chin/throat. Use your fingers to blend this dark foundation creating contrast and shadow. Continue to use this dark foundation on the hollows beneath the collar bone/chest with contrasted to the white to create a high relief, using brown down #217 & #218 powder to make shadows for more definition. Use this powder to create more definition around the nose and cheekbones. To create a decorative cut razor blood brocade use liquid liner earth red to create a fluid pattern extending down the throat, onto the chest. Repeat on both sides of the throat. Using a #212 brush, paint strokes down the drawn razor wire to create Barb Wire Barbs in silhouette. Once complete, focus on the eyes. Use a #212 and #219 brush with a carbon to draw triangular shapes above and below the lids of the eye. These triangles should be asymmetric, a skewed chessboard, one side towards the brow, the other down towards the cheek. Use mascara on the lashes for a dark, sexy effect. Finally hit the clubs, to show off the fascinating new dangerous you!

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