How To: Create an "Avatar" Na'vi girl makeup look for Halloween

Create an "Avatar" Na'vi girl makeup look for Halloween

With James Cameron's "Avatar" being as game changing and visually breathtaking as it is, we're pretty sure that this Halloween you'll be seeing lots of folks looking a little, that is. Whether you're dressing up as a guy Na'vi or a girl Na'vi, this Halloween makeup tutorial will get you looking like a member of the tribe like no other.

While we've seen lots of Na'vi tutorials, this one looks particularly amazing because of the prosthetic nose piece that mimics the look of the Na'vi as well as the scary large green contacts that make you look like a cartoon character.

Products Used:
Ben Nye White Clown Makeup
120 Eyeshadow Palette from Celia Makeup
L.A Girl White Eyeliner Pencil
Elizabeth Arden Lip Pencil in Blush

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