How To: Create Avatar inspired makeup

Create Avatar inspired makeup

This tutorial is about how to create Avatar inspired makeup. Go in with a white full coverage makeup and go over with a light layer all over the face. The white is going to give the blue something to stand out in front of. Don't forget to do your neck and ears. For the blue, you can use a powder or cream or liquid. Use a baby blue and with a big fluffy brush start applying it all over the face. Go in with an invisible setting powder to set the blue. In order to be Avatar you want your nose to be wider, so use a dark blue to create a shadow as a vertical line underneath the tear duct of each eye. How you do the markings on the face is up to each individual person. They are however symmetrical on each side. First outline your markings and then go back to fill them in using a dark blue color. Now go in with white eyeliner on the bottom lash line and waterline. Go in with a dark teal color and apply it directly under the white eyeliner blending it down into the skin. For the nose paint a dark purple color underneath and around the nostrils like a cat nose. Use a white liquid liner to make dots all over the face.

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