How To: Create Ashwariya Rai inspired bollywood style eye look

Create Ashwariya Rai inspired bollywood style eye look

This makeup style is perfect for an Indian wedding or for a Bollywood style costume party. Watch this instructional cosemtics video to apply flashy Indian eye makeup.

Products used:
MAC Rubenesque and Artifact paintpot on lid
Inner lid: Pureluxe Bullion and MAC Bronze reflects pigment
Outer/middle lid: Pureluxe Molten and MAC Blackened Red reflects pigment(applied with fix+)
Crease: MAC Smoke Signal or Brunt Burgandy pigment
Browbone: MAC Dazzleray Pigment
Lowerlashline: Mac Smoke signal
Upperlashline: Black Liquid liner
Cheeks: Mix of MAC Pinked Mauve and Rose pigment
NYX lipliner in Mauve
Ulta lipstick in Raisin shimmer
Elf lipgloss in mauve luxe

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