How To: Create Angelina Jolie's "SALT" cat eye makeup look

Create Angelina Jolie's "SALT" cat eye makeup look

Angelina Jolie's action flick "SALT" has been steamrolled at the box office by Christopher Nolan's dream world thriller "Inception," but the picture has many merits that make it deserving of your hard-earned money the next time you hit the movie theater.

Other than being the first and only female star who is also an action hero (the action hero arena is overwhelmingly dominated by men), Jolie knows how to effortlessly rock a sexy makeup look while snapping a guy's neck and then throwing herself off a moving vehicle to safety, makeup perfectly in place and without a drop of sweat.

Her lovely cat eyes, as seen on the posters for "SALT," are some of the prettiest we've seen. To learn how to recreate them, watch this tutorial.

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