How To: Create Alice Cullen's look from the "Twilight" Saga

Create Alice Cullen's look from the "Twilight" Saga

There's no denying that Alice Cullen, played by hottie extraordinaire Ashley Greene, is uniquely gorgeous. Like her fellow family members, she possesses marble white skin and glistening, hypnotic gold eyes, but her petite fairy-like nose and fun experimentation with her hairstyle and clothes makes her one of a kind.

If you love Alice Cullen as much as we do, check out this video to learn how to create her beautiful look from the "Twilight" Saga with sculpted cheekbones, matte pink lips, and a nude smokey eye.

MUFE Primer (green)
MAC F&B N1 and White
Brule, Gesso & Swiss Chocolate e/s
Embark e/s for brows
Illamasqua Rumour blush
Beaute Fever lip&cheek stain

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