How To: Create an adorable bumble bee makeup look for Halloween

Create an adorable bumble bee makeup look for Halloween

Can you believe that Halloween is less than a month away? We swear just a few days ago it was 90 degrees out and we were blaring Katy Perry's "California Gurls" while driving down to the beach. Don't get us wrong, though: We're super excited it's fall because our favorite holiday, Halloween, is impending.

If you're exicted for Halloween and are planning to dress up as a bee, take your costume up to the next level by painting your face in the manner taught by Michelle Phan here. Bee-striped eyes, adorable rosy cheeks, and rosy lips make this bee one you wouldn't mind being stung by.

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I have to sign up and sign in to find out how to do a bumble bee face makeup and then the instructional video is private!!!!!!! Now I can't find out. Thank u for stealing my info for NOTHNG!!!

I signed up. I'm signed in. My name is at the top of the page and I still CAN'T see the damn video

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