How To: Cover or conceal your eyebrows (two different ways)

Cover or conceal your eyebrows (two different ways)

Description: How to cover or conceal your eyebrows in two different ways.

- First brush your eyebrow hairs down and with a glue stick cover the brow. Brush the hairs to their normal place again.
- Before that dries you can put a little powder right on top. It already helps hide the color of the brows.
- Scrape off some of the glue from the stick using an artist spatula and smooth it out over the brow completely covering it.
- Wait for that to dry and then all you have to do is cover it with concealer.
- For the second technique, brush the hairs down.
- Cover the hairs with spirit gum. Please make sure to be careful because you don't want it in your eye but get it right above, on, and below the brow. In order to make it dry faster you need to tap on it.
- Pre-moisten your fingers with water or petroleum jelly and mold some brow wax into a snake shape that fits over the brow.
- Then you need to blend it into your skin. Mold it using your fingers.
- After that, all you need to do is cover it with concealer.

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