How To: Correctly apply eyeshadow

Correctly apply eyeshadow

To apply a correct eyeshadow, take a flat brush and press it on the sham pain color and drag it slowly. Then gently apply it on your eyes. You should do it softly, because if it shows one layer of color and another one on your skin, then it will not look nice.

The next step is take a blue eyeshadow, press the flat brush on the color and drag it. Then apply the eyeshadow above an eyelid and move up. You have to blend it slowly on your skin to create a smoky effect. For smoky effect, drag your eyes little bit and apply color from the bottom of the eye and move upwards. It will apply color all over your eye. Now take a dark color, press the brush on the color and drag it, and apply it in the corner of your eye and go up.

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