How To: Contour your lips

Contour your lips

Sarah long teaches viewers how to contour their lips. First, you will need lip balm. It should be simply used just to moisturize your lips. Now, take a piece of sandpaper and lightly roll it over your lips. This will exfoliate the lips. You shouldn't do this all the time! (maybe only once or twice a week). Now, take Kiss Me Coral Revlon and apply it to your lips with a lip brush. Carefully and evenly place this on your upper and bottom lip. Take tissue or Kleenex and blot your lips. You will do this by placing your lips on the tissue and clamp down lightly to get rid of oil. Now, apply another thin layer of the Kiss Me Coral by Revlon and blot once more. Now, take a burgundy lip pencil and draw a shadow in the inner corners of your mouth. This should be in the triangular area of your mouth. Also, apply a line under the rest of the lip. Next, apply the liner to the top of your cupids bow of your lip. Take your lip brush and blend in the liner with the lip color. Blend out any of the dark lines you have created. This will create the illusion of a shadow! Take a baby pink and place this color in the center of your bottom lip. This will make your lips look more plump! Blend this color in a little also. Now you have contoured lips!

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