How To: Contour and highlight your skin with makeup

Contour and highlight your skin with makeup

This tutorial video will show you how to contour and highlight your skin with makeup.

Contours are "shadows" so you want to go darker than your actual skin tone.

I personally use the same shade on everyone to coutour (NW55 Studio Stick Foundation), BUT it's all in the product control.
Less for a lighter skin tone, and a little more for darker skin tones.

But since thats kind of scary to some people to use something so dark especially you NC15's here are some of my other favorites to use for contouring:
Studio Stick Foundation (go 2-3 shades darker than your skintone)
Full Coverage Foundation (go 2-3 shades darker than your skintone)
Harmony, Blunt, Taupe, & Emote Blushes
Sculpting Powders
Espresso, Brun, Cork, Carbon, Embark, & Wedge Eye Shadows

For highlighting, I used different shades for different skin tones!! Some favorites:
Hyper Real, and Mineralized Satinfinish Foundations (1-2 Shades Lighter thany our skintone)
Cream Colour Bases, & Cream Blushes
Phloof!, Shrom, Rice Paper, Woodwinked, Brule, & Amber Lights Eye Shadows
Gloss Texture Cream
Golden Bronzer, Iridescent Powders, & Beauty Powders
Strobe Liquid & Cream

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Your tutorials are awesome! You've such talent :)

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