How To: Conceal knots on false eyelashes

Conceal knots on false eyelashes

We couldn't live without false eyelashes, especially when we're going out. After all, nighttime soirees or clubbing requires a hefty additional dosage of glamour, meaning brighter lipstick, smokier eyes, and more luscious lashes.

Fake eyelashes help to open up our eyes even if we only got four hours of sleep, which is why they come in handy when we're going out and need to look our best. Watch this video to learn how to apply false lashes and then hide the tattletale bunches of knots that usually making wearing false lashes look obvious.

Products used:
MAC #7 False Lashes
Eve Pearl #104 Lashes
Ardell Lash Glue
The BALM Twin Two Timer mascara

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What if it's at the outer end and your lash has detached and you haven't got the glue as you had them done in the shop?

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