How To: Choose the Right Foundation

Choose the Right Foundation

Just starting to use makeup? Or never found the perfect foundation for your skin tone. We will show you how to pick the right foundation for you.

Step 1: Gather Foundations

Go to your local stores and pick as many foundations as you can that seem close to your color. A lot of stores will give free samples, and other will let you return foundations.

Step 2: Make a Line on Your Cheek

Using your makeup brush make a line on your cheek. This will allow you to see if the shade is right for you. If it seems close, you will then gently smooth it in. If it smooths in and matches well, you have found your shade.

You should not be able to tell that you have foundation on. Foundation is a good base for the rest of your makeup. If you can tell that your skin has changed colors either lighter or darker, you should look for another shade of foundation.

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