How To: Choose the best foundation makeup

Choose the best foundation makeup

Improve your skin's appearance by choosing the right foundation formula and shade.
You Will Need:
* A mirror
* Foundation makeup
* Makeup sponges (optional)

Step 1: Determine your skin's undertones
Look at your face to determine your skin's undertones. Skin with a golden or reddish cast has warm undertones while skin with a pink or blue cast has cool undertones. Foundations are typically grouped into warm and cool shades.

Choose a deeper shade in the summer months to accommodate or simulate a tan.

Step 2: Consider skin type
Consider your skin type. Oily skin needs a matte, non-clogging foundation, while dry skin thrives with a creamier, moisturizing formula. Use hypoallergenic foundation on sensitive skin.

Step 3: Select degree of coverage
Select the desired degree of coverage. Tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation provide sheer coverage. Cream or cream-to-powder varieties offer heavier coverage.

Apply tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation with your fingertips. Heavier formulas may require a makeup sponge.

Step 4: Test shade
Test the shade before purchasing. Apply the foundation to the lowest part of the cheek, near the jaw line. It should be nearly invisible. If not, try the next shade lighter or darker in the same color family.

Fact: To create a pale look, noblewomen in Ancient Greece used a paste of white lead mixed with water on their faces, necks, shoulders, and arms.

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