How To: Change your body features with makeup

Change your body features with makeup

In this tutorial, we learn how to change your body features with makeup. To enhance the cleavage, you can purchase a product called Beautiful Breasts. You will first take the matte color and start to define where the breasts and cleavage are. Make the angles natural and make sure the makeup is blended so it's undetectable. Apply shimmer to the collar bone and shoulders to give a glow as well. The products work for any size and any shape and will give you extra enhancement. There is also a product to help give you six pack abs with just a light touch of makeup and a buffer brush!

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Ha ha... I have been doing this since I was 20 , 12 years now.. and I have Never seen a video or program on this before! Super cool. I mainly used tricks like this for photos, and ( no I am not a photographer or makeup artist ) but my desire has always been to be one.

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