How To: Bridal Bun Hair Style

Bridal Bun Hair Style

Bridal Bun Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!

For the ultimate look of an elegant bride, this super cool yet graceful Bridal Bun Hair Style is an ideal adornment. Make your most special day your most cherished one by following these simple and easy steps

Step 1:
Taka a Small Section of Hair from Front and Partition This from the Rest of Hair. Now Make a Middle Partition as Shown and Secure These Two Sides with Pins.

Step 2: Now Gather Rest of the Hair and Tie in a High Pony.
Pull Up Your Pony and Secure Hair with Pins.

Step 3: Now Take Small Sections of Hair and Start Backcombing the Sections One by One.
Take a Bun Filler and Place It at the Band Securing with Pins.

Step 4: Now Take Half Section from the Backcombed Hair and Finely Place It on the Filler and Secure with Pins as Shown.

Step 5:
Now Take Other Half Section and Finely Place It Over the Filler Overlapping Earlier Section Very Finely as Shown. Twist the Extra Hair and Secure with Pins.

Take a Small Strand of Hair from One Front Section. Divide This into Three Strands and Start Braiding as a Normal braid.after One Weave Start Adding Hair to the Left Strand Each Time Before Weaving. Making a Braid with the Full Length of the Hair.

Step 6: Now Take This Braid Above the Bun and Secure at the Other Side with Pins.
Similarly Braid the Other Section Also and Wrap the Braid Above the Bun as Shown for the Final Look.

Thus Observing These Straightforward and Simple Steps, Its Easy to Give Yourself Graceful and Elegant Looks in a Stylish Way.

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