How To: Blend your eyeshadow

Blend your eyeshadow

For anyone who has struggled with eyeshadow, learn how to properly blend it onto the eyelid for a smooth and soft look in this tutorial from RenRen. Start out with an eye shadow base color. You can use whatever color you want. You can use your finger applying the color all over your lid, stopping at the crease. In step two, use a round brush to add another eyeshadow color to the lid. This color should be the lightest color of your mix and it is added into the inner one-third of your lid. In the middle third of your eye lid, you will add the next darkest color. The darkest shade will go in the last one-third of the lid creating a V-shape in the outer corner of your eye. Using a clean brush, wiggle in a downward motion to blend these three colors together. With yet another blending brush, you will add a lighter color to the brow bone for added definition. An additional darker color in the crease will add definition in the crease. With circular and back and forth motions, you can blend the various eyeshadow colors.

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