How To: Be Snooki from Jersey Shore for Halloween (hair, makeup & rhinestone glasses)

Be Snooki from Jersey Shore for Halloween (hair, makeup & rhinestone glasses)

Snooki and her Jersey Shore castmates have taken over reality television, and for better or worse, their New Jersey-ness is spreading like wildfire. If you're thinking about dressing up as Snooki for Halloween, you've found the right video! It will show you how to get the right skin tone, makeup, hairstyle, and the iconic rhinestone sunglasses to make your Nicole Polizzi costume as awesome as possible.

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thank you so much! your vid is great. It really helped me out with some ideas. I am planning to go with a velor jogging suit, graphic tee and pink sneaker slippers :) Thanks again!

I absolutely loveeedd the videoo and it was soooo veryy much helpfull. People say i look like snooki because of my skin tone (which is a little lighter than hers) and i am always doing a poof in my hair. So i got the poof down and i was thinking of wearing a cheetah print tight dress and instead of heels, i wanted to wear the pink bunny slippers she always has on in the house. The problem is i have been looking all over for those slippers and cant seem to find anything remotely close to them and i would love to be able to wear the glasses too. So, do you know of any places wear i can get those slippers before Wednesday because my senior halloween party is Thursday and how long did it take you to make the glasses??!!

I have a feeling there will be a lot of Snookies running around this Halloween! Thanks for sharing this video (I love JuicyStar07!). Snookie is such an easy costume: tight clothes, a tan, a poof, and Jersey Shore sunglasses !

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