How To: Apply Sparkling Holiday Makeup

Apply Sparkling Holiday Makeup

Who doesn't want to sparkle for the fun of the holidays? Let us show you how to put on sparkly makeup for the holidays with these easy to follow steps.

Step 1 Foundation and concealer

Start with foundation and concealer in your exact skin tone.

Step 2 Eyeshadow

Apply a shimmery neutral eye shadow over the whole lid.

Example: CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast

Step 3 Eyeliner

Use a liquid sparkly eyeliner to line eyes.

Step 4 Sparkle

Apply a touch of loose glitter to your eyelid, up to the crease, with your finger.

Step 5 Cheeks

Use a cream blush and keep it simple so as not to detract from your sparkly eyes.

Step 6 Lip Stain

Apply a lip stain in a berry color for long lasting coverage.

Example: CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain

Step 7 Lip Gloss

Use a pink lip gloss with shimmer to hydrate over the lip stain. 


  • Make sure you have both a winter and summer set of foundation and concealer since your skin tone changes with the seasons.
  • Always top lip stain with something hydrating to keep lips from drying out, either a balm or a gloss.

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