How To: Apply smoky eyes with a twist of green

Apply smoky eyes with a twist of green

Fashion Face brings you a video that teaches how to create smoky eyes with a twist of green, and then shows you how to finish up your whole face.

To create this eye look you need eyeshadow base, black brush on gel liner, black eyeshadow, mascara, green eyeliner, a couple of shades of green eyeshadow, green mascara, and a set of makeup brushes. To finish the whole face you will need foundation, concealer, peach colored corrector, powder, cream blusher and lip liners, pink lipstick, light lip gloss, shimmer powder, brow color, a range of face brushes and optional false lashes.

Specific brands are suggested, but you could use the makeup you already have on hand. You can also use other colors besides green when recreating this cool look. The list of products might seem daunting, but you can create this with less product, or just borrow the main ideas.

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