How To: Apply a smoky brown eye makeup look for blue eyes

Apply a smoky brown eye makeup look for blue eyes

This how-to video from makeup master Laura details a great smoky brown eye that will enhance the color of blue eyes. The demonstrator used these cosmetic products, MAC shadetsick sharkskin, BOBBI BROWN stonewash nudes palette, MAC mascara zoomlash, NARS lipliner bahama, and Stila convertable eyeliner onyx, but similar colors and textures will create comparable results. Follow along with the steps in this video makeup lesson and learn how to recreate this smoky brown eye look for blue eyes.

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i think she does a really good job. I've seen a lot of her videos. but theirs a problem, i can hardly understand a word she's saying. Im not trying to be mean or funny, its the truth

I think you do an excellent job and congrats on your makeup line

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