How To: Apply a Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Apply a Smokey Eye Makeup Look

You don't have to be a makeup artist to do a great smoky eye. Here we break down the process for you so you, too, can get that look. 

Step 1 Prepare

Put on all of your face makeup, excluding eye makeup, and add concealer to your eyelids for staying power.

Step 2 Base shadow

Apply a medium eye shadow to your lid and crease.

Step 3 Darker shadow

Use a darker shadow on the upper third of eye lid, beginning at the outside corner.

Step 4 Darkest shadow

Work the darkest shadow into the crease and make a "V" around the outside corner using a contour brush. 

Step 5 Highlighter

Apply highlighter to your brow bone and inner corners.

Step 6 Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner to top and bottom lash lines.

Step 7 Blend

Use a contour brush to blend shadows together. Don't forget to clean up any stray marks.

Step 8 Finish

Curl lashes and put on a coat or two of mascara. Add some lip color.


  • Use any group of shadows, just make sure to go from lighter to darker from lid to crease and keep it in the same color family.

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