How To: Apply sex kitten makeup inspired by Brigitte Bardot

Apply sex kitten makeup inspired by Brigitte Bardot

Learn how to create this sultry makeup look inspired by Brigitte Bardot with this tutorial. The following products are used to get this look: 88 eyeshadow palette from Coastalscents, Too Faced Ooh & Aah eyeshadow, NYC liquid liner and pencil, Fresh Supernova Mascara, Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Light, Benefit lipgloss in Didn't Hear it From Me, and Sephora Jumbo pencil in Flesh. With the tips from this how to vidoe you can turn heads with this Bridgette Bardot inspired makeup look.

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loved it! bardot would be proud.

Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to understand. Thanks!

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