How To: Apply rasta girl colored eyeshadow

Apply rasta girl colored eyeshadow

This tutorial is about how to apply rasta girl colored eyeshadow. First apply a primer to the lid and lower lash line. Now apply a highlight with MACs Rice Paper with a crease brush underneath the eyebrow. Now take NYXs Jumbo Pencil Milk and apply it all over the lid and you don't have to go past your crease. Now take a light green color and apply it to the tear duct and along the lower lash line only a little. Next use a dark green to apply a little more than third of the inner eye lid. Use a matte yellow on the middle of the lid blending with the green as you go along. Now use a red color to the rest of the eye, mostly the outer corner blending in with the yellow so that there is a nice gradient across the entire lid. Using a crease brush, blend out the red so that it fades away. Add some more highlights. Line both the upper and lower lash lines with black liner and add mascara.

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