How To: Apply a quick daily makeup look for Asian monolid eyes

Apply a quick daily makeup look for Asian monolid eyes

Don't have much time in the morning? This makeup how-to video demonstrates a 5 minute minimal day look that's designed specifically for Asian eyes with monolids, or undefined creases. The cosmetics used to create this look are MAC Studio Fix NC25, Sephora Blushes from palette, The Makeup Store Eyeliner in Black, Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara, and MAC Impassioned Lipstick. Watch this video makeup application tutorial and learn how to do a quick, daily makeup look for Asian monolid eyes.

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My daughter is 13 years old, and is now expressing an interest in putting on a little bit of eye makeup. She is Asian and has monolids - I'm Caucasian and can't help in the eye makeup department too much! She doesn't want to wear much, just something light, but when we try to put makeup on her lids, she says she looks "sleepy". She would love to widen her eyes, but thick, or relatively thick, eyeliner isn't appropriate for her yet. Help!

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