How To: Apply porcelin theatre clown makeup

Apply porcelin theatre clown makeup

This tutorial is great if you want to apply porcelain theatre clown makeup. First white out your face and then with colored eye liner, trace out where you want the color to go. Apply a blue colored base on the lid and blend it just above the crease. The video uses a red Mufe flash color and applied it over the blue bringing the color onto the side of the nose. Using Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Black Sheep being filling in the remaining space on the brow. Using shimmery blue, a matte red, and a matte black eye shadow cover he colored bases to set them and make the color vibrant. Apply a white liner to your waterline, and apply liquid black liner on your upper lash line and below your lower waterline. Use a red lip-gloss or lipstick and apply it to the center of your lips. Then with your black liquid liner, create the under eye designs. With the red flash color, or any red cream blush apply color to your cheeks and blend it out slightly.

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