How To: Apply makeup if you wear glasses or contact lenses

Apply makeup if you wear glasses or contact lenses

The makeup artist Julia presents this tutorial in partnership with VSP vision care in order to demonstrate makeup tips for people wearing glasses or contact lens.
-On cleansed and moisturized facial skin, apply an appropriate foundation with a stiff buffer brush.
-Use a concealed for any dark under eye circles. This is an important step for glasses wearers because frames tend to cast dark shadows beneath them. Concealer will give the eyes a brighter look.
-Cream eye shadow is preferred to powdered ones to avoid any fall-out from entering the eye and irritating the lens. A medium shade eye shadow should be applied on lid and dark colors on the crease. The eye shadow can also be extended to the lower lid. A powdered eye shadow can then be patted over it (it will stick to the cream base). Blend the eye shadow with a fluffy blending brush outwards in to prevent any harsh lines.
-Highlight the area below the eyebrow with pale cream color in order to make the bone structure above the frames stand out.
-An off-white kohl pencil can be used on the waterline of the lower lid in order to 'open' the eyes and appear larger. This can be avoided in case of sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
-An eyebrow pencil can be used to fill out the eyebrows and give them definition as they frame not just the eyes but also the glasses. The eyebrow hair can be sealed in place using a clear mascara brush.
-Apply mascara to the upper eyelashes taking care to apply evenly to each one. Also pay special attention to the lower lashes as they are more visible beneath glasses.
-Apply translucent powder to set the makeup in place.
-Apply a natural toned pink or peach blush using a stippling brush onto the apple of cheeks in a sweeping outward motion.
-Apply a nude shade lipstick.
-Instead of eye makeup, one can accentuate the lips while wearing glasses. If you follow the steps, you will have sparkly eyes looking out from beneath glasses.

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