How To: Apply Makeup for Women in Their 30s

Apply Makeup for Women in Their 30s

Now that you have hit your 30s, it is the perfect time to begin a new skin care routine and try some different makeup styles.

Step 1 Smokey eye

Use the lighter shadow from a eyeshadow stick all over your lid. Next  use the darker color in your crease to create depth. Set with a touch of powder.

Example: CoverGirl Smokey Shadow Blast 

Step 2 Blush

Don't skip blush. You want to have that same glow that you had in your 20's.

Example: CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones 

Step 3 Lipstick

Use a lipstick that has conditioning agents for moisture.

Example: CoverGirl Lip Perfection 

Step 4 Powder

Use powder to set your look. If your eyebrows catch too much powder, you can use a clear mascara to tame them.

Example: CoverGirl TruBlends Minerals loose translucent powder and Professional Clear Mascara by CoverGirl

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