How To: Apply makeup for monolid eyes

Apply makeup for monolid eyes

This video shows you how to make monolid eyes look more open and rounded. First, prime your eye. Take a dark green shimmery color and brush that in from your lash line to your eyelid crease. Take a peach shadow and work that in from your crease to below your brow bone. Blend in more green. Blend again. Add vanilla colored shadow on your brow bone to highlight. Now take a lighter shade of green and dab it in the center of the upper lid and highlight with a vanilla color. Line your eyes softly by smudging black shadow on the upper lid and half of the lid on the bottom (the outside half). On the outside of the lower lid, soften with the dark green. Line the rest with the lighter green. Curl your lashes and add mascara to complete the look.

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