How To: Apply makeup for large eyes

Apply makeup for large eyes

This video shows the secret of applying makeup for large eyes. An excellent summary is given below. First apply a dark plumy color paste using a stiff dome brush all over your eyelid. Now with a flat stiff brush use the plumb color and apply it over your eyelids. Use coral color in a soft dome brush and blend it over the crease. Now use carbon color in the stiff dome brush and blend it on the outer end of your eyelids. Use vanilla color in the fluffy dome brush and highlight above the coral color. Apply the plumb and carbon color using a pencil brush below the lower eyelids. Apply black eyeliner to the waterline. Use a shimmer in a flat brush and apply it below the eyebrows. Finally apply sandy B lipstick and pretty plush lip gloss to the lips and finish the makeup. Follow the above steps and try to make apply your own makeup for large eyes and enjoy.

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