How To: Apply Makeup for Beautiful Glowing Skin

Apply Makeup for Beautiful Glowing Skin

Hydration, rest and a healthy diet are all good for glowing, healthy skin. You can also show off glowing skin with these makeup tips. 

Step 1 Foundation

Use a foundation with dewy finish to give you a natural looking glow.

Step 2 Blush

Blush can give a youthful glow. Use a blush with a shimmer in peach or pink tones. For a youthful glow, stick with shimmer in peach and pink tones. 

Example: CoverGirl's Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush

Step 3 Bronzer

Use a bit of bronzer where the sun hits your face to give your face a glow.

Example: CoverGirl's Cheeckers Bronzer

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