How To: Apply makeup to be "scene"

Apply makeup to be "scene"

Scene style makeup is in, and in this video we are given the essentials in creating this sort of look. Beginning as you begin with any makeup, we are advised to apply a base, consisting of either a general foundation or a powder. As we go, the video author offers specific brand recommendations and shows the results, via pictures. Now, after our base, the steps are as follows.

1) Apply your base eyeshadow with a shading brush. Beginning with gold at the top, and moving to a smoky gray. Next is adding black, specifically to the outer corner of your eye. Finishing the shadows up by adding a shiny tan or white to the very top of your eye, near your brow.

2) Liner. Black, naturally. Pencil for bottom, liquid for top. From the bottom eyelid, going slightly past the corner of your eye to form the "cat's eye."

3) Mascara. Black, reasonably heavy.

4) From here it's easy. Adding blush and a bright lipstick of your choice, but most often red or pink, you're almost there.

5) All that's left is the hair. Parting at the side of your choice, you aim the part on a slight angle inward, and sweep your hair finely in the opposing directions on either side of your part, going for a swept over look for your bangs. Now, using whatever product you wish, scrunch up your hair. You want tangles and general disarray, it's what we're going for.

And we're done. It's just that simple, and with this video, you'll have a great step-by-step, picture aided primer on how to get that trendy scene club look.

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