How To: Apply a Kat Von D inspired makeup look

Apply a Kat Von D inspired makeup look

In order to achieve the Kat Von D look, first you must use eyebrow liner that gives off a strong presence. Next, a matte brown palette should be applied to three quarters of the eyelid; the remaining quarter will be used for the highlight. A pencil brush should be used (or cotton swab if you don't have a pencil brush) for eyelining the edge of the eye. A matte black color is then applied to the outer corner of where the brown was applied, to add more depth. (Try your best to blend the colors). A champagne or golden color should be used next to the tear duct and blended with the other colors to provide a cohesive look. The same gold color will be applied under the brow with a similar brush. Black eyeliner on the waterline is the next step and then applied to the lash line to cover the corner. Under where the black was placed, a brown should be used to intensify. NYC Liquid eyeliner is extremely winged which helps wing the eyeliner. A fire engine red lipstick is then used to contrast the look of the eyes to that of the lipstick. If the person wants the stars (which is optional because it is not a part of the makeup), the NYC eyeliner can be used and drawn in star-like shapes. After following the process, a person should have a very similar look to that of Kat Von D.

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