How To: Apply foundation with a brush

Apply foundation with a brush

This YouTube video is of Christine from demonstrating how to apply basic foundation with a 109 brush by mac that is small. First take face primer, try silicon free primer. Apply to your entire face. This helps to keep make up on for longer and is suggested for period that are special are require you to have makeup on or look fresh for longer periods of time. Also suggested for oily skin types to use a modifying cream and primer. It is best to put your primer or moisturizer 10-15 minutes before putting makeup on, this allows your product to absorb into your skin. Then mist your face with water then apply a pump of liquid foundation to your outer hand. Mist 109 brush with water then pad brush into foundation then apply to entire face then dab brush again and apply to areas where you want extra coverage. The next step is to make small circles with the brush on the entire face, including your hairline. Then spray the brush with water again and brush your entire face in a circular motion. If desired you can apply blush or bronzer. You can also set with another powder.Setting your face locks in your look and the Mac translucent powder will help absorb oil, apply with Mac 150 brush in a sweeping motion. Apply white translucent powder to your face, not a lot of powder is required.Blend well into your face and neck line.

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