How To: Apply foundation with the 190 brush

Apply foundation with the 190 brush

This video shows how to apply a liquid foundation with the 190 brush. The problem with this brush is that it leaves a lot of streaks in your makeup.

Pour a bit of the foundation onto the back of your hand. Then spritz your face, hand and the brush with a little water. Dip the brush into the foundation and begin to apply it where you need it on your face. To avoid streaks, check your face in the mirror repeatedly as you work to make sure you are blending carefully.

Once the foundation is on, it’s time to apply blush to the cheekbones. The 116 brush is recommended for this.

Finishing with a setting powder will minimize streaking and give a nicer finish. Using the 150 brush, dip it into the powder and tap it all over your face, making sure it is nicely blended.

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