How To: Apply false eyelashes with MakeupGeek

Apply false eyelashes with MakeupGeek

False eyelashes can be the most intimidating part of your makeup routine! It can be overwhelming or frustrating at first trying to apply them, but hopefully these steps will ease that anxiety. This beauty video demonstrates how to apply fake eyelashes.

What You Need:

* False Lashes (I prefer Ardell or NYX as they are less expensive)
* Lash Adhesive (Duo lash adhesive is best)
* Tweezers
* Small Scissors

Steps to Applying False Lashes:

1. Carefully remove your lashes from the container by using tweezers and pulling them at the base.
2. Size your lashes by holding them to your eye to see if you need to make them shorter. If needed, trim the outer edge of the lashes with some small scissors.
3. Using your lash adhesive, apply a small amount along the bottom rim of the false lashes. Take your time as not to get any glue on the lashes themselves.
4. Allow your lashes to sit for 30-60 seconds until the glue is tacky. While you are waiting, hold the lashes in a U shape to help them form to the shape of your eyes.
5. Once the glue has set a bit and is tacky, hold the lashes with the tweezers or your fingers and aim downwards.
6. Look down slightly and place the middle of the lashes very close to your natural lashline. Be very careful not to place on your lashes, but on the lid right next to your lashes.
7. Using the end of the tweezers, press down the outer edges of the lashes until they stick to the lid. If needed, continue to press the entire rim of the false lashes until they are on tightly.
8. Allow the lashes to sit for a minute (start on the other eye while you wait).
9. *Optional: Take your lash curler and weld the false lashes together with your real lashes.
10. Apply your mascara.

Enjoy your "new" lashes and gorgeous eyes!

Marlena, aka MakeupGeek, is a freelance makeup artist. Search MakeupGeek on WonderHowTo for all of Marlena's beauty tutorials.

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