How To: Apply false eyelashes for Asian eyes

Apply false eyelashes for Asian eyes

This tutorial teaches you how to apply individual false eyelashes video tutorial. Applying individual false eyelashes is a great way to achieve a dramatic and glamorous evening look. You will need individual false eyelashes, individual false eyelash glue, a piece of tin foil, a small pair of scissors and a pointed pair of tweezers. Apply your desired eyeshadow first, a light shimmery eyeshadow creates the best effect for this look in terms of contrast against the false eyelashes. Pour a very small amount of glue onto your tin foil. Remove your first set of eyelashes with your tweezers and dip just the very end into your glue, you don't need too much. Apply this first set to outside corned of the top lash line. Place it as close to the lash line as possible, hold it in place for 5 seconds and gently release it from the tweezers. Apply two more sets fairly close together. You may need a fresh spot of glue for each set as it dries very fast! Slightly trim two sets of false eyelashes and apply them in the same manner. This should take your false eyelashes to the centre of your pupil.
Once you have allowed them to dry (about 10 minutes) line your top lid with a black kohl eyeliner. Line your bottom lid with the same eyeliner, with a very light hand and smudge slightly. You want to keep the drama on the top lid.
Apply a light layer of mascara to both the false eyelashes and your real eyelashes. Give them a gentle curl once the mascara has dried. Complete this look with a light, shimmery lip gloss or lipstick. Watch this video makeup application tutorial and learn how to apply fake eyelashes.

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