How To: Apply a fall green eyes makeup look

Apply a fall green eyes makeup look

Tiffany D from Makeup by Tiffany D as seen on YouTube teaches how to apply a smoky fall green eyeshadow look to eyes. Apply a creasing product to the eyelid, and a black eyeshadow base then blend with a blending brush. Apply the first shade of green eyeshadow to lower middle and center of eyelid. (Can apply second green eyeshadow color if desired to outer corner eyelid). Apply the third lighter green eyeshadow color in the tear duct area, sweeping upward. Apply the fourth eyeshadow color in the outer "v" and crease of the eyelid, then blend with small blending brush. Frost brow line with white eyeshadow. Line lower lash and water line with green eyeliner. Complete the look with a thin line of black eyeliner and black mascara on upper eyelid and lashes. Follow these steps to get a dramatic smoky green eye look.

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