How To: Apply Facial Highlighter

Apply Facial Highlighter

Want to highlight all the beautiful things about your face? Watch this video to learn how to apply highlighter to your face to bring out your inner beauty.

Step 1 Where

You should apply to the following areas: mid-forehead, brow bone, cheekbone, bridge of your nose, jawline, cupid's bow, and you chin.

Step 2 What kind of highlighter

For cream, stick or pen form, use your fingers or a sponge to apply. For powder, use a makeup brush with stiff bristles.

Step 3 Foundation first

If your skin tone is uneven, apply some foundation first.

Step 4 Highlight

Apply highlighter sparingly in a circular motion on your cheekbones and and up-and-down motion for your other areas.


  • Use a sponge to take off any excess when you are done.

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