How To: Apply Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Apply Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Eyeshadow can really make your eyes stand out if you choose the one that compliments your eye color. In this video, Aida shows us which colors compliment certain eye colors. 

Step 1 Blue:

Pick out a palette with blue, green and neutral brown colors that is designed to bring out your blue eyes. If you are blond, make sure to fill in your brows and use brown mascara.

Example: CoverGirl Exact Eyelights in Radiant Blues

Step 2 Green:

Green eyes really pop with purple and pink eye shadows. Hair color is another great way to make your eyes pop. Consider going brunette, black, or auburn. Wear warm red tones for lips.

Example: CoverGirl Lip Perfection

Step 3 Hazel:

Brown, green and taupe shadows play up multi-colored hazel eyes. Purple is a good choice as well. Use a lip balm with a little sparkle to bring out your eyes too. 

Example: CoverGirl Exact Eyelights in Majestic Hazels, NatureLuxe lip balm

Step 4 Brown:

 Neutral palettes with blues work well with brown eyes. Consider blue eyeliner and mascara.

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