How To: Apply Eyelashes (The Fast and Easy Way)

Apply Eyelashes (The Fast and Easy Way)

Would you like to know the fastest and easiest way to apply eyelashes? For those of us who love doing our makeup and have a HARD time applying eyelashes, this is the fastest and easiest way I know how.

When you do your eye makeup, do you notice it doesn't stand out how it should or would like it too? Especially, if you don't have some killer eyelashes on, right? Or have you see some crazy outrageous lashes that you are dying to wear? Find out how to apply them, right here!

How to apply eyelashes

You apply the lashes just as you would eyeliner. Using a thin makeup brush, apply the glue as eyeliner—a thin line. Wait about 30 seconds so the glue can become tacky, then take your tweezers and apply the eyelash strip on the glue line as close to your natural lash line as you can. Let dry for about another 30 seconds and... there you have it. Wasn't that fast and easy, not to mention neat?

Now you can apply any and all types of eyelashes this way. I don't know if there is a better way, but I will always stick to this. I really hope this helps and works out for you.

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